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The latest release from St. John’s musician Mike Fisher.

He pushed the boundaries beyond his progressive punk sounds with his latest release, 12 Days of Blues.  All 12 songs were composed in 12 days from November 8 – 19 2023.

Mike played all instruments and sang on all tracks as well as composing lyrics and music.

This is his 3rd solo release in the last 3 years. Mike is a well-known veteran of the St. John’s music scene going all the way back to 1979 with The Reaction, one of NL’s first punk bands.

Other bands included the techno sounds of NEON and the Pink Floyd inspired Hammingwell.

12 Days of Blues is now available on most streaming platforms.

Mike has worked in the entertainment industry for over 40 years on and off stage, in front and behind the camera and in the studio and behind the mixer.

Music has been his number one passion in the arts. Michael has toured in eastern, central and western Canada. Notable bands included The Reaction, one of Canada’s earliest punk/metal bands formed in St. John’s from 78 – 81. The limited 45rpm release ON THE BEACH and THE KIDS ARRIVED is a prized item sought by collectors worldwide.

A double CD was released in 2005 featuring

new material and previously unreleased songs.

Recently the British Columbia label SUPREME ECHO released a 4-song vinyl EP featuring a cross section of The Reaction’s music timeline.

Michael was also the founding member of the St. John’s band NEON, releasing a 4-song vinyl EP in 1983 that is also sought after by collectors.

After almost 20 years away from Newfoundland, Michael played and worked with the award winning Regina blues band The Toasters, Ottawa bands The Sundogs and The Paul Fenton group.

Returning to St. John’s in early 2000s Michael reformed the prog rock band Hammingwell, releasing two CD’s over an 8-year period. Both of which were nominated for alternative CD of the year.

Michael has also dipped his toe in the traditional world playing with St. John’s band Dungarvan and solo artist Hugh Scott.

He is promoting his first solo release Psych-E-Punk. Released on vinyl June 2020 and was nominated for the College of the North Atlantic Rock Artist of the Year by MusicNL.

Diary of a Psychic Vampire is his second solo release and is available digitally April 21,2023

Mike was again nominated for Rock Artist of the year 2023 by MusicNL.

Tour support with Jeff White on bass and Bob Davis on drums included stops in Gander, Carbonear, Bay Roberts, The Black Sheep, The Ship Pub and an in store performance at Fred’s Records.

Mike Fisher and the Psych-E-Punk Band

Mike Fisher and the Psych-E-Punk Band

Ship Pub June 3rd, 2023



1st Solo release

Diary of a Psychic Vampire

Diary of a Psychic Vampire

2nd solo release

Hammingwell in the box

Hammingwell in the box

Hammingwell's 2nd release

REACTION East End Rockers

REACTION East End Rockers

4 song vinyl EP


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